Trust in the future?


Dutch National Student Association

The problem

The last eighteen years there have been a lot of changes made by the Dutch government concerning higher education. All these changes are pressuring college and university student to make more choices, get better grades, finish younger and loan more money. These students are suffering more and more from performance pressure. This is leading to an increase in mental illnesses like depression, burn-out and anxiety. All the coverage of this issue in the Dutch media have been about how social media is causing this effect on students. The media is neglecting the effect that the choices of the government have on them. How do we problematize this issue, get more media coverage and get the Dutch politics to start the debate on this subject?

The solution

A video overview of all the changes that were caused by the government concerning higher education in The Netherlands. This will built up from the year 2000 till the year 2018 after which newspaper headlines on the subject will appear on the screen. The video was part of a cross media campaign that was aired at the end of 2018.

When the campaign was finished there have been multiple coverages by national media corporations and it started a political discussion on the subject.